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Things To Know Before Owning a Guinea Pig

If you're a long time follower of my blog or social media, you'll know all about my little furry friend. On the other hand, if you're new here, meet Bubble the guinea pig. It's safe to say that buying this ball of cuteness was one of the best decisions I ever made, she actually makes my day. 

Whenever I mention I own a guinea pig, I usually get a lot of questions about her so I thought I'd bundle everything into one post just in case you're interested in caring for smol fluffballs. 
There's a lot of work that goes into looking after a guinea pig, a lot more than people think so I spent months researching - I was well prepared.

1. They're very social animals.
If you have a pretty time consuming schedule, maybe consider purchasing two guinea pigs. Sadly, my other guinea pig, Squeak, passed away a couple of months ago but I'm lucky as Bubble was always the independent one therefore she had no problems readjusting to life on her own. People probably don't realise but guinea pigs do get lonely which causes anxiety and depression (story of my life lol). They depend on socialising to keep them happy.

2. They aren't cheap.
In comparison to say a small hamster or a fish, there's a lot of expenses behind owning a guinea pig. They require fruit and veg every morning as part of their diet, so there's that to consider. Cages aren't cheap either, and I'd definitely recommend investing in a small run for when they have time out of the cage. There's also the cost of insurance and guinea pig boarding, should you ever need to use them, to take into consideration.

3. Regular cleaning.
Guinea pig cages should be cleaned at least once every couple of days. They poop. A lot. I wash the bedding and cage roughly every week and a half, but when I had two I did it weekly. Ain't nobody got time for a stinky room. 

4. Grooming.
I think this goes without saying but guinea pigs claws grow just as quickly as our nails, meaning they need regular trimming. The good thing is though, unlike dogs, it's recommended not to bathe guinea pigs regularly as it can be quite a stressful experience for them. Long haired guinea pigs would need to be brushed though, to prevent matted fur. 

5. They like to be heard.
If they need attention, you'll sure as heck know about it. As soon as Bubble knows I'm awake, she's at the bars of the cage wheeking at me for her breakfast. I mean it's adorable but if you want a lie in, just a forewarning that you probably won't get one.

6. Their health can deteriorate rapidly.
It's important to note any changes in your guinea pig's behaviour as they can become seriously ill overnight. Unfortunately, this is what happened to Squeak and as she was bought from Pets At Home (do not recommend), she had probably developed a long term medical condition that we were unaware about. 

7. Guinea pigs like to gain trust.
I suppose this is similar to us, we don't go telling our deepest secrets to those who we've just met (unless we're drunk). Piggies take a while to build up a relationship, but hand feeding them is a quick way to earn that trust. Give them a while to settle in and you'll be able to give them a cuddle in no time. Do not try to handle them in the first couple of days if they aren't used to it, you don't want to traumatise them.

8. They make amazing pets.
Despite all the formalities of owning a guinea pig, they really are adorable animals. Yes, I can hear you all shouting that I'll be forever alone with a house full of them, and that's probably true. Not only are they adorable, they each have their own character which I feel is the best part about having a pet. For instance, Bubble can be sassy but cheeky. She's basically a diva.

But enough babble about guinea pigs for now. I hope you found this post somewhat helpful and enjoyed the pics of Bubble posing - I think I've found my new profession y'know.

Have you ever owned/would you like to own a guinea pig?

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  1. oh lord so so cute! I won't be able to have a pet for the next few years and I'm sill healing from the trauma of all my bunnies having died an unnatural death. So yeah, the quick change in health is a real thing with small animals :(

    1. Oh I'm sorry, that's such a shame. Yes, you're very right. x

  2. Bubble is adorable! I have has rabbits before but not a guinea pig, it was an interesting read!

  3. I remember when your little one passed away. It was very sad.
    Thankfully, Bubble has readjusted to life well. Certainly is a cutie.
    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. She's a sassy, independent guinea. I'm so glad she's doing ok on her own! x

  4. I don't think I'll ever own one but OMG so cute!

    Hannah | Oh January

  5. Yes, yes yes! Ugh I bloomin love guinea pigs. My Sheldon loves to start whistling at me as soon as he sees me moving around in my bed and like you said while cute its not ideal if you want to lie in. I always tell people that guinea pigs can just be as expensive to own as a dog and its amazing how many people don't believe it. Bubble is absolutely gorgeous x

    Jordan | Darling Jordan

    1. Omg I love your Sheldon loads, his fringe gives me life haha! You're right, people think because they're so small that they must be easy to look after but nope. They're definitely a full time thing haha! x

  6. So adorable! I've always wanted a guinea pig, I love the little noise they make. | Amy x

  7. Omg those photos though, so cute! I've never had a guinea pig, but whenever I see your snaps I'm just like aww I want one it's so cute!


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