Thursday, 1 September 2016

10 Hours In London

It's been 10 days since I was back in the Big Smoke, and man, do I miss it. London is a city that captivated my heart the first time I visited many years ago.

As me and my mum hadn't yet visited London this year (it seems to be an annual thing), we thought we'd take advantage of the Virgin Trains Summer Sale and book a day trip - Because why the heck not?

It turns out, my back and feet did not want to walk... Or move for that matter, resulting in us basically wandering around London aimlessly for the day with not much of a plan. It was unproductive, but lovely nonetheless. At least I got some pretty photos out of it, which I'd like to share with you.

Our original plan was to visit the Natural History museum but yeah... That didn't end up happening. It seemed half the population of Europe had the same idea that day, leading to us not even bothering to queue and having a nice wander around South Kensington, paying a quick trip to the Victoria and Albert museum instead. I did get cute pics of buildings though, silver lining and all that.

FYI, this was the cutest gelato shop ever... I'm gutted I didn't go inside!

Once we finished our short but sweet trip to South Kensington, we hopped on the tube to Leicester Square - One of my favourite areas of central. The hustle and bustle makes me feel so at ease, which is strange for someone who suffers from anxiety of crowds quite regularly - Who knows how my mind works?!

It was time for foods, so off we went on an expedition to find The Diner in Covent Garden, what an absolute trek... Well, it was for my sore feet anyway. Good old Google maps led us through Chinatown which I've gotta say, Manchester's Chinatown doesn't have a patch on London's. It was like we stepped into a different city.

En route to The Diner, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a sign that looked strangely familiar, it was the Palace Theatre. Of course, I spotted the Harry Potter title from a mile off and my fan girl heart was happy. Only when I had a photo of it though, obviously

I did do the stereotypical blogger thing and take photos of my meal but unfortunately, the lighting was MEGA off in the restaurant so soz but they didn't make it to the post. Ain't nobody got time to ruin this cute aesthetic I've got going on... But trust me, the pancakes I had were amazeballs.

Covent Garden is another of my favourite places to visit as it's so darn pretty. I love the architecture (geek at heart) and just the whole chilled vibe it has going on. As soon as the Kikki K shop was in sight, I squealed and dragged my mum in without a choice. Oh. My. God. I have never stepped inside a more beautiful shop before. It was just something else. Typical Kat though, had no money... Probably for the best though or some serious damage would have been done. 

I would have loved to have spent more time there but the main marketplace of Covent Garden was just too much that day. It was overwhelmingly busy and this is when my poor back decided to pack in. What a fabulous time that was.

After then what felt like hours wandering round Chelsea in a quest to find Kings Road, we gave up. It was not worth it and my back wouldn't carry me much further (cue pathetic cry in the tube station). Off we went on a tube back into central to good old Oxford Street - I needed my Tiger fix. 

Who goes to London without passing Liberty's and taking several photos of the vibrant flower displays outside? Not us, that's for sure. Liberty's has become like a little ritual for us now, we just have to step inside... Mainly because it's such a bloody amazing building. 

And that was it, that was our 10 hours in London!

I apologise if this post seems awfully negative but honestly, the pain I was in just made me feel terrible. The main thing is that my mum had a fab day regardless and I got to put together a pretty photo diary post. I can't wait to hopefully go back soon and re-visit some of the sights!

Have you ever visited London?

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  1. I loved your photos. I always get shattered after visiting London as it's so easy to walk for miles! | Amy x

    1. Thank you! Omg tell me about it, I had the best night's sleep ever haha x

  2. London looks so awesome! I really hope to go there one day!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  3. I'm sorry about your back! I hope you had a good day regardless, I love reading posts about London, seeing my home from a tourist perspective! - Maria | BeautyMatters

    1. Aw thanks, it was a lovely day besides my back! x

  4. i haven't been to london in ages!!! love all the pictures you took, that little seat with flowers all around is so cute

    Hannah at Hannah Venables / A CREATIVE LIFESTYLE BLOG

    1. Aw thanks gal, that bench was SO pretty but ffs it took forever to get a pic cos everyone kept sitting on it hahaha! x

  5. ahahah i have missed kikki k shopXD i want to go back and find it!! carnally street then is one of my fav places to go.<3

    xx from italy
    Cate ღ kate/

  6. You are honestly making me tear up. I miss my London so much. You went to some great spots!
    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  7. Love these photos. You need to hurry up and move down here missy!

    Hannah xx

  8. I keep telling myself I need to just get down to London and explore. I love being in the City - I guess it'd be different if I lived there (maybe?) but I absolutely love London. Everything about it! Your photos are just making me wish I could hop on a train this minute and go!

  9. These pictures are bloody beautiful! What camera did you use? xx

  10. London is so tiring in general so I don't know how you did it with a bad back for as long as you did! You took some stunning photos Hun.. And you've really made me want to go to London!

  11. Oh I must check out the advance tickets down there, I fancy another random visit. I tend to go once a year too. My last time was last year and I just wandered round the city all day, not getting one single tube. Racked up 30,000 steps, man my feet hurt by the time I caught the train back in the evening!
    Amy at Amy & More


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