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The (Not So Informative) Guide to Contacting Brands/PRs

Now I'm no expert when it comes to blogging, but this post has been highly requested! As I've worked with my fair share of brands in the 15 (roughly) months I've been in the blogosphere, I know just how nerve wracking it can be when it comes to emailing brands... So I wanted to break it down for you and create a short guide on how exactly to do it!

Disclaimer: I am not claiming to know the ins and outs of everything there is to know about blogger collaborations, this post will consist of simply what's worked for me and my basic knowledge on PRs.

1. Picking the brand

Before you get working on your emails, it's important to choose the brands you'd like to work with. It could be a brand you've loved/used for months, or one that you've seen pop up recently and would love to promote. But remember, whilst freebies are all well and good, don't go in with that in mind. Working with brands is a two way street and has to be beneficial for both parties to be successful. 

Things to consider:
  • What do you know about the brand?
  • Are you genuinely interested in what they have to offer?
  • Do they fit your niche?
  • Could you see yourself devoting time to them if you weren't a blogger?

2. Contacting the brand

Possibly the trickiest part is hunting down that darn press email. Most brands have them readily available on their website but if you're struggling to find one then you could either contact them via social media (e.g. "Hi, I was just wondering if there was a PR email I could contact you on?") or send a quick email to their general enquiries with a subject along the lines of "blog collaborations".

Another thing to take into consideration is obviously, a brand isn't expecting you to have their entire business history down to T... But a bit of background in your introductory email to show what you like about them really helps. 

Tips for emailing:
  • Be informal but not too informal
  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Give a bit of background about you and your blog
  • Express your interest for a collaboration or to be added to a PR list
  • Don't beg
  • Personalise each email

I decided to write up a quick draft of the sorts of emails you should be sending to brands... Mine is by no means "correct" but obviously you can change what you wish, this is just a rough guide:

3. Once you've pressed send

And now... You wait! One of the main reasons bloggers (particularly new bloggers) are put off from contacting brands is the fear of rejection but honestly, the worst that can happen is they either ignore you or say no. If they give you negative feedback, don't take it to heart... Move on from it and your confidence will grow, trust me on that one.

Another misconception when it comes to blogging is that numbers are everything. Well nah, they really aren't all that. Sure, the global companies are probably after the influencers with the large followings, but it's all about interaction. Keep your social media fairly clean (but don't become a robot), interact lots and stay active!

4. Alternatives to emailing

Emailing a brand isn't the be all and end all to blogging, there are other ways to getting brand collaborations. All you need is Facebook! I'd highly suggest joining the UK Blogger Opportunities group as I've had some really great responses from it (i.e, my Tiger collab). Alternatively, you could reach out to independent brands that you've discovered on Twitter or Instagram which I personally love doing. This allows you to build a relationship with the owner and actually learn about the products which I always find super interesting, geek at heart and all that. 

I hope this was somewhat helpful for those of you who haven't got into the collaborating side of blogging yet, and hopefully you've taken something from it. If you get a response then YAY - I'm super proud of you... And even if you don't get a response the first time, I'm still proud of you. It's terrifying I know, but you'll be so happy when you secure your first brand collab.

If you're fairly new to contacting brands, would you consider doing so now?

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  1. Loved this! I've never actually contacted a brand before but definitely feel like now is the right time to get the ball rolling. Great advice hun :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. This was probably the best blog post on the topic I've ever read! You actually gave us an example of how you do it & that explains a lot more than words :) I loved your tips and honestly I can't wait to start practising ;) x


  3. This is so helpful Kat! I've never actually contacted brands because I don't think my stats are all that good, but you're right... the worst that can happen is that they say no.

    Megan / Lazy Thoughts

  4. This is so helpful Kat! Thank you for sharing your tips! I love how you actually have given us an example cause most other bloggers who post about this topic don't bother. I have never contacted a brand myself but I think I need to pick up the confidence and do so cause like you say what's the worst that can happen! I've also requested to be added to the Blogger Opportunities Facebook group so hopefully they will be able to accept me :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  5. Such a helpful post! I've never even known where to start when it comes to contacting brands, but I think I could gain a little more confidence to send an email now

    Emily x | emilyclairewrites.com

  6. This is incredibly helpful! Thanks for sharing!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  7. I know you say in your title that this is the "not so informative guide" but honestly it's really great! This was exactly what I've needed to read as I get so nervous about contacting brands and end up hoping that they will contact me (note: they don't!). I am totally saving this post though for reference when I work up the nerve to contact some brands later in the week!

    Great post!

    Emily xx
    Emily // Bambi's Blogs

  8. I love this post :D I've never contacted a brand before either and it's really made me motivated to send out some emails

    Leanne | www.oohsimplething.blogspot.co.uk

  9. Fab advice!! I've been blogging for a year and a half and not yet contacted any brands I'm still plucking up the courage. This is such a great post and I feel really motivated to get cracking!!
    Beauxdiaries.com xx

  10. OMG bless you! This is so helpful!! I've been unsure on how to contact brands, but this is a really great guide. Thank you so much : D
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

  11. I suck at this, so badly, I would love to work with more brands, but my outreach it terrible, I need to try some of your tips! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  12. This is so helpful Kat! Thanks for posting x

  13. Very helpful and informative post, thank you :)

    Jodie xx

  14. I've contacted brands in the past (hey it worked with Filofax!) but I haven't really done it this year... This is a really helpful post - especially the email!

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  16. Thank you so much for this post! I would love to work with a few brands but never knew how to go about doing it! This post is definitely going to help when it comes to contacting some brands in the future.

    Tabitha x

  17. KAT THIS IS AMAZING I LOVE IT! Thank you so much!

    Emma xxxxx

  18. Thabks for posting this, I found it super useful and I'm going to take on board your tips when I eventually feel the time is right to connect with brands.
    I love your blog, keep up the good work!
    Kisses and love
    Jazziepickles xoxo


  19. Thank you, this was really helpful! I´m always scared of rejection, so this is definitely a thing I should work on more. I´m also definitely saving that draft for an email. It´s so much easier working off a rough draft than coming up with everything yourself! So well done for making it easier!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  20. Such a fantastic guide Kat. Their's some really great tips here, that will help a lot of people including myself. Brilliant blog post.

  21. This is incredibly helpful Kat! I really like your structure to the emails. I don't see why some people are so scared to email brands - cause at the end of the day, the worst they can say is no! Thanks for sharing! xxx

    Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

  22. Loved this post, very helpful! Nice reminder that the worse that can happens is brands can say no! xo

    Hanney | Blog About Hanney 

  23. This is so helpful, thanks a million for sharing! Generally I never email brands, but I would consider doing it if it was something I was really interested in! Obsessed with your blog, keep up the amazing work! x


  24. Loved this post! I've been thinking about reaching out to brands recently but still too scared, so this post helped with my research ahha xx

    Sophie's Spot

  25. I contact brands for gift guides mainly and it's definitely important to be polite and to share your media kit x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  26. This has been so helpful since I am thinking about trying to contact some brands, so thank you so much for sharing this!


  27. This is very, very useful! You're absolutely right: the reason so few of us make the first move is definitely fear of being rejected, or confirmation of our fear that we're not 'good enough' for whatever reason. And yes - I would absolutely consider contacting a brand after reading this, so thank you very much!


  28. Really interesting! I'd love to work with more brands, particularly ones that I use frequently, but I'm a bit scared to ask if they would be interested x



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