Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Coffee, Castles & Kilts | Edinburgh Photo Diary

Last Friday, me and my mum did what we do best and went on a day trip to Edinburgh, and a very long day trip it was indeed. Exploring new cities is something we love to do together, and as I found suuuper cheap train tickets back in August - We just couldn't resist.

Edinburgh has been on my radar to visit for the longest time, (mainly thanks to Sunbeamsjess' vlogs) especially at Christmas. So imagine my disappointment when I realised last week that the Christmas markets didn't actually open until the Saturday - Yeah, we were pretty gutted... But we still had a fun filled day nonetheless and got to view all the pretty lights!

We hopped on board the train to Edinburgh from Preston station (which FYI does the dreamiest salted caramel hot chocolate) with not really any plan in sight as to what we wanted to do with our day.

As we pulled into Edinburgh, I spotted the big wheel and got all excited... I was literally like a 5 year old at Christmas, I don't care :). We soon hunted down a map and headed to George Street, in search of Oliver Bonas and all the other adorable shops Manchester conveniently doesn't have.

As we eventually found George Street (I have zero sense of direction, it was all down to mum), it started snowing! It literally felt like Christmas as we strolled past all the twinkling lights of The Dome, which we later stopped in for a toilet break (lol), and decided to find a cosy cafe for lunch to escape the cold. 

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Lowdown Coffee, hidden away below street level but it just looked so inviting. (Can I also point out how friendly the locals are? Like everyone is so nice) We filled up on tea, hot chocolate and toasties as we laughed about how a miserable middle aged couple were clearly talking about me taking photos of my drink and the fact I had my trusty old Olympus on the table as we ate... Honestly if looks could kill. Regardless of that little situation, the food was delicious and the decor was adorable - Even if it took me about 20 takes to get the perfect Instagram.

After our lunch and brief toilet trip to The Dome, it was off to Oliver Bonas where I bought the cutest little dish... And yes, it was bought especially for blog photos/Instagrams (so keep your eyes peeled for that lol) - The blogger in me will never die.

At this point it was around half 2 and mum's ears were on the verge of developing frostbite. Okay, it wasn't that dramatic; but after a quick trip to Primark to buy an emergency £2 hat, we began our walk trek up to Edinburgh Castle, something we both wanted to see desperately. We're proper royalists at heart (and geeks).

Something I've always admired about Edinburgh is how it essentially looks like a village contained within a large city. The cobbled streets and old brick buildings give it such amazing character, I wish I could live there!

At the end of a very long and very steep road is the castle! I was taken aback by how easy it is to walk to... You turn a corner and it's literally just there. Evidently that's just the cramped city girl within me haha!

We decided to pay the (unreasonable) fee to enter the castle and have a nosy around before dusk hit. As Winter is quickly drawing in upon us, we ended up only having around an hour to explore but that was more than enough for us! 

The castle offers epic views of Edinburgh, like they were truly breathtaking, and an insight into the Scottish monarchy - Something which I was never taught in school. As it was going dark and the smaller exhibitions were strictly no cameras allowed, I wasn't able to take many photos around the castle but in a way I preferred that. Sometimes it's nice to have time away from being focused on snapping every single thing.

On the way down from the castle, we found a quaint souvenir shop where my mum very kindly bought me a tartan scarf (When in Scotland eh?). As it was practically pitch black, we made our way round the streets and back onto George Street for a snoop in Anthropologie, home to the most beautiful homeware. 

The shops were beginning to close down for the day, so back to Princes Street it was, where we unfortunately ended up passing the Hotel Chocolat cafe that I'd been wanting to visit earlier... But OH WELL. That just means we'll have to come back!

Have you ever visited Edinburgh?

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! I visited Edinburgh for the first time in September, and I loved it. You hit the nail on the head when you say it's like a village in a city, such a lovely place to visit. I can only imagine how pretty it is around Christmas!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XXX

  2. Sounds like you had a busy time! Life's too short to care about what the haters who judge for taking photos. How will the world know you've done something if you don't take all of the pictures �� Xx

  3. Edinburgh just looks so pretty! Sadly, I´ve never been but I´d love to (also around Christmas time would be pretty much perfect)! Also I absolutely adore the pictures you´ve taken, they´re gorgeous!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  4. Gorgeous photos I hope you and your mum had a lovely time , I want to go here so badly I just never have the time totally will be on my list for next year though :) can I also just add I bloody love your Christmas cactus header :) it's amazing

  5. I love Edinburgh, I am only an hour away so am there quite a lot, I love it in summer, I love the gardens, the zoo, the castle. But the globe at christmas time is stunning! So glad you had such a lovely time :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. I love these photos! I'd love to go to Edinburgh one day, it's at the top of my travel list

    Emily x | emilyclairewrites.com

  7. Can I just say your Christmas header is everything! You've made me want to go to Edinburgh even more now. Just looks so pretty x


  8. This post made me very grateful to be able to call such a wonderful city home!

  9. The views from the castle are absolutely stunning! I've only visited Edinburgh a couple of times but it is such a pretty city. Would love to explore more!


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