Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide #3 | For the Awkward Ones

Raise your hand if you still haven't finished your Christmas shopping.

Don't be ashamed, I haven't either. I feel like the festive season has just been thrown upon us this year with no warning, resulting in mad scrambles to the shops and frantic online ordering.

We all have those awkward relatives and friends, don't we? You know, the ones who have everything. You're skint because you've bought yourself one too many eggnog lattes over the last month and were reminded last minute that you need to buy a present for your Aunt Jemima because "she's known you since you were born" even though you see each other once a year. Well my friends, this gift guide is for you.

Pretty much everyone owns a mobile these days, even your nan! That's why phone cases are nine times out of ten an absolute winner for a present. They come in basically any design you can think of (and hey, you can even get personalised ones these days). 

If you're after some phone case inspo, I highly recommend checking out gocase. Although a little on the pricey side, they have some adorable products - Just look how cute mine are!

Are you after something perhaps on the quirkier end of the scale when it comes to gifts? Then look no further than The Library of Fragrance! Any scent you can think of, I guarantee they made it a thing, complete with these lovely Instagrammable bottles. I die.

I jumped at the opportunity to try a few of their Christmas scents and oh my word, they are scrummy yummy. They last all day, literally all day and despite their notes being slightly on the heavier side, they smell divine. Especially Eggnog. Just go and smell it, alright huns?

Much like the phone cases, you really can't go wrong with socks at Christmas. Even the fussiest of people will appreciate a snug pair of socks which is where Chattyfeet come in! They create the wittiest and punniest character socks, something I've never stumbled upon before but my gosh, they're adorable. Take these 'Albert Einstoe' ones for instance, isn't it genius?!

They even come in children's sizes too for those mini me's, now you can match on Christmas day!

Something that I decided to add to the gift guide from my make up collection, is the ever so loved Kylie Holiday Collection. Don't forget to head on over to that post to read my first impressions of the products mentioned!

You really cannot go wrong with a festive lip contained within adorable packaging. For more affordable brands, I suggest NYX or Sleek; two drugstore brands which I feel are killing it right now.

You can't get much more festive than a Christmas candle, right? Right. I'll admit, I do prefer more of the "foodie" scented candles, so these specifically weren't up my street but they do smell beautiful. I'd say they're definitely scents catered towards the older generations.

Their prices are on par with Yankee, with equally as lovely packaging and a wide scent range; much to my excitement! Basically, there's something for everyone at United Candles.

Is there anything you specifically have your eye on this Christmas?

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*This post contains gifted items, all opinions are my own.


  1. Ahhh the socks! They're amazing, what a great suggestion!

  2. I so want to smell the new Library of Fragrance scents, I used to have a Wooden Fire I think it was called and some Marshmallows and together it was heaven (might have been using it in the kitchen to cheat everyone into thinking I'm a domestic goddess - whilst secretly eating cream custard and pot noodle haha) <3 x

  3. This gift guide is just the best! I absolutely love those socks! I've got a couple of pairs myself and literally they make me laugh every time I look at them xx

  4. I love my planner, perfect gift!


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