Friday, 16 December 2016

Going Slightly Spend Crazy with Colourpop

Oops, I did it again.

Alright, calm down Britney - But no seriously, I can't stop buying make up at the moment. I open my laptop up for a couple of hours and somehow end up on the likes of Beauty Bay, ASOS, Boots; you name it. Then I received the mother of all emails, free international shipping from Colourpop for orders over $50 - You just try and stop me girl.

I spent days umming and ahhing about what to buy, sharing lists with my friends, reading product reviews. Oh yeah, I take my make up purchases very seriously. I placed my order directly this time, waited around two weeks for my package to arrive before getting hit smack-bam in the face with a customs charge. £15 - REALLY?  The things we do pay for american brands.

Also like, I am sorry that we're onto my fifth Blogmas post of the year and it's another haul. The truth is that I'm an awful blogger and don't plan my content - I will have my act together by next week. Soz huns x

After having a snoop around the website, my heart was set on one of the lip bundles. I've heard so many people raving about the satin lip formulas. I just needed to try one for myself so I went ahead and chose the 'Out and About' lip bundle ($15). This bundle contains:

  • Viper - Ultra Matte Lip: A mauve pink with dark undertones. A fab dupe for Posie K.
  • Barracuda - Ultra Satin Lip: A deep rose.
  • Times Square - Ultra Matte Lip: A pink toned nude. Candy K dupe.

Once I had worn Barracuda for a couple of hours, I was smitten. I now fully understand why people go mad for the satin lips, they're so comfortable to wear. Providing you don't eat and drink for the duration, the satin finishes are long lasting as well. They get a 10/10 from me!

As for the ultra mattes, they truly are matte (duh). The matte lips don't dry my lips out as such, but compared to the satins, I hate the way they feel on my lips although trust me, they'd be perfect on a night out as they do not budge.

The next thing I added to my basket, I mean... I could do an entire post on this stunning quad alone, it's the Kathleen Lights 'Where The Light Is' eyeshadow set ($15). This is just something else, it's so pretty I can't even. I CANNOT EVEN. This quad contains:

  • Glow: A nude beige with a matte finish.
  • Kathleenlights: S t u n n i n g copper shadow with a pearlized finish.
  • Blaze: A deep bronze shade with a metallic finish.
  • Cornelious: A mid-tone brown with a matte finish - Perfect transition shade.

Kathleen really did an amazing job with her collabs with Colourpop, my non existent hat goes off to her! The shadows are super creamy and pigmented which is incredible considering the price. Each and every one in the quad are my go to shadows now and who knows? I may even post a look on the blog featuring it sometime in the near future!

Last but not least, we have a few added extras that I popped in my basket at the final minute to get me that free shipping, you know how it is. For a change, I wanted to try some colours that I don't actually own/rarely wear, stepping out of the comfort zone and all that. I did also purchase a highlighter somewhere along this haul but apparently forgot to photograph it, well done me.

  • Frick n Frack - Ultra Satin Lip ($6): A deep dusty rose.
  • 3-Way - Ultra Metallic Lip ($6): Sparkling plum metallic.
  • Love Bug - Ultra Matte Lip ($6): A beautiful terracotta red.
  • Lunch Money - Pearlized Highlighter ($8): Gorgeous pearlescent shade with subtle gold tones throughout.

I was slightly hesitant about purchasing 3-Way but then again, it's Christmas - Why the heck not? It's much darker than I initially expected but my god, it is lush. As for the pigmentation and wear of it, it's pretty much identical to Dancer by Kylie Cosmetics which you can read about here. I'd 100% recommend it though!

As for Lunch Money, well it's just darn lovely. For those of you who are yet to try Colourpop, the highlighters consist of a cream to powder finish which in my opinion, makes them seem so luxurious. You'd definitely think they were more expensive than they actually are.

I feel like throughout this post all I've talked about is how pretty everything is? Apologies, there's no other way to describe these products! 

I hope you're enjoying my Blogmas so far; I promise I'll chill with the beauty posts now... She says.

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  1. Oh my gosh Kat those lip colours look so pretty. I love the way Colourpop do packaging - the packaging for that lip trio is beautiful! I purchased from them for the first time a few weeks ago and I'm so impressed that I might have to go back and order the KathleenLights eyeshadow set after seeing these swatches *swoons*

    Em ||

  2. I love Kathleens products even though I've never tried them, she just seems so awesome and puts her heart into it. I should save up and get some. Great post! I love your photos :)

  3. Thats so annoying that you have to pay customs. Thats what puts me off buying makeup from america although I would love to try some colourpop liquid lipsticks. X

  4. I bloomin love Colourpop but seriously when I get hit with the custom charge I get so angry! I have Cornelious as well and love Kathleen's collabs, her lippie stix Lumiere is gorgeous! Also don't worry about buying too much makeup ;) tis the season to be oneself! xx

  5. Oooh nice choices, the Blaze eyeshadow looks gorgeous! Can you believe I've never bought anything from Colourpop!? I have been eyeing up so many of their matte lipsticks but never bite the bullet


  6. Those eyeshadows are actually amazing, omg. I love, love, love the copper!

  7. I love the colours of the shadows, I need to get me some of them.


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