Monday, 12 December 2016

Kylie Holiday Collection | Haul/First Impressions

Today marks the start of something very exciting for my blog... Slightly stressful too, but mostly exciting. I've decided to do my own version of Blogmas, the 12 days of Blogmas. Why am I doing this, you ask? I've no idea to be quite frank - I felt left out of the Christmas blogging loop and wanted to join in... That's pretty much it.

Considering I've never posted on my blog for more than two days in a row, this is pretty terrifying but I've committed now. Just like when you commit to a gigantic plate of food at an all you can eat buffet, there's no going back.

Anyway, enough with the babble - Onto my first Blogmas post which is something suuuper exciting if you're as obsessed with make up as I am (which I think you are).

I'm sure pretty much everyone in the entire world has heard of Kylie Jenner... She's seriously everywhere at the minute, and her make up line is to die for. I mean, it's not the most amazing brand but god damn - Owning it makes me feel like a queen (because it's so bloody expensive).

Kylie recently released her new Holiday collection and as soon as I saw her sneak peek of the mini mattes on Snapchat, after refreshing for like an hour, I just had to have them. I also picked up a couple of other goodies that I haven't tried before of Kylie's just because, y'know, it's Christmas. As if I need an excuse to buy more make up?

(L-R) Jolly Gloss // Dancer Metal Lipstick

I luckily managed to get my hands on the Dancer Metal lipstick and Jolly gloss, two products that seemed to be very sought after. One thing I loved about the glosses and lipsticks for the holiday collection is that you can actually use the packaging as a tree decoration - How frickin' adorable is that?! More brands should get on board with that, it's a sure winner for bloggers worldwide. 

Jolly Gloss ($15) - A stunning deep burgundy, perfect to top any festive lip.

I'll admit, I was hesitant when it came to ordering the gloss as I don't usually get on with them. I'm a matte girl through and through, but after hearing everyone raving about the formula, I thought why the heck not? 

I can quite happily tell you that the Kylie glosses are by far the best I've ever used. Yes, they don't last that long when eating and such (What lipgloss does?), but they're A) super moisturising and B) not sticky in the slightest. The gloss can feel slightly gloopy during application but it soon settles down. I would honestly recommend these to anyone.

Dancer Metal Lipstick ($18) - A gorgeous ruby red with the added shimmer, suitable on it's own or over your fave matte lipstick.

As with the gloss, I was hesitant to buy a metal lipstick simply because I'd never tried anything like it before... But my gosh, it's so freakin' pretty. Like seriously, I die. I've only worn this on it's own so far and to be fair, the formula isn't anything to write home about. I found it smudges quite easily but I don't regret buying it, not at all.

Onto the main event, my beloved mini mattes.

In her last huge product launch for the Birthday collection, I managed to grab the mini mattes ($36) and they certainly did not disappoint. As soon as she released the colours included in this season's range, I knew I'd be getting them and wouldn't be satisfied until I had them.

Moon - Beautiful taupe shade.

Ginger - A warm terracotta, my personal favourite.

Kristen - Gorgeous pinky toned red. Think the most perfect Marylin Monroe lip.

Angel - Similar to Koko K, it's another pinky nude.

Love Bite - Deep brown with purple undertones - It's bloody lush.

Vixen - The ultimate vampy lip, a dark plum shade.

If you'd like to read my in depth thoughts on the matte lipstick formulas, have a read of my first Kylie post! After trialling and testing many liquid lipsticks since they've taken the make up world by storm, Kylie's will always be one of my favourite formulas. For real, they do not budge and don't dry my lips out at all... It's a miracle. 

It may be 3am, and I may or may not still be sat in the bath writing this but I hope you enjoyed it! I just couldn't wait to share with you all my ever growing Kylie collection (stay tuned for a similar Colourpop post coming up soon). 

Don't forget to keep checking back each day for a new post up until the 24th... Or just subscribe to my blog, hint hint.

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  1. Love the post, you got this!! I adore Kristen and Vixen, gorgeous shades!

    Han xx

  2. Aaaah I want the mini mattes! Definitely more affordable than buying each one in full size x

    1. The mini mattes are such a great deal, and the range of colours she puts in each one is amazing! x

  3. Loved this post! You've actually made me want to try a gloss, and I usually HATE gloss! Also your pics are all perfect!

    Clauida x

    1. Honestly if all the Kylie glosses are as good as Jolly, I want them all! Thank you so much - I've been trying really hard with my photos atm so that means a lot. xx

  4. That mini matte range is bloody gorgeous! Absolutely love the look of Moon


    1. It's beaut isn't it?! I haven't worn it yet but I just know it's gonna be so pretty. x

  5. Oh they look so adorable!
    I ordered 2 lip kits for my little sister for Christmas, fingers crossed that they'll arrive before Christmas does haha :D

    ~ Jasmin N

    1. Ooh which ones did you order?! Gosh, I hope they're here before Christmas and that she likes them! x

  6. I need to try those mini mattes because I cannot keep lipstick on my lips for the life of me haha. The colours all look gorgeous!

    1. They have such incredible staying power (so long as you avoid anything oily) x

  7. Gal these pics are on fireeee! I still haven't tried anything from Kylie so I really need to get around to it! I love the holiday packaging and I think I need to get my hands on Ginger and Love Bite!

    Katie | KNEL xxx

    1. Omg Ginger and Love Bite would look LUSH on you! x

  8. Every lipstick looks like such a gorgeous colour ahh - your photography is on point too!

    Lucy | Forever September


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