Thursday, 15 December 2016

The A-Z of Christmas

To get me feeling a little more festive, I thought it's about time I bang out a proper Christmas post. One that isn't a gift guide, at least. Plus - I really wanted an excuse to put a pic of the adorable card my bae Hannah got me in a post, cos y'know I'm just obsessed with sloths.

Today's post is going to be a good old list post. One of the old classics; I bloody love writing lists. 

A is for... Love Actually. One of the loveliest, if not the best Christmas film to ever be produced because it's just so god damn hilarious yet relatable. It truly makes you feel better about your own life.

B is for... The devilish Brussel Sprouts, which I happen to love. Give them all to me pls. 

C is for... Carol singers. You can't get more festive than walking through town on a crisp, Winter's afternoon hearing the chime of Christmas carols being sang. 

D is for... DIY. Bake yourself some Christmas treats, make your own garland - The possibilities are endless.

E is for... Excessively watching Elf. It's December, it's allowed. Nobody's judging you boo.

F is for... Fairy lights. As they say in Mean Girls, "the limit does not exist". Put them everywhere, it's the only time of  year where it's socially acceptable to spend 10 minutes switching them all on.

G is for... Gingerbread men. I bought myself the cutest little garland from eBay because I love Gingerbread men that much. Why eat them when you can hang them up?

H is for... Horrendous wrapping! Yay for everyone else who can't wrap to save their lives or try to attempt it after one too many glasses of wine. Welcome to the club. 

I is for... Impatient drivers. Oh, you want this parking space? Tough bitch. It's mine. The worst in people definitely comes out at this time of year. Steer well clear of any shopping centre during Christmas week.

J is for... Awful jokes. The ones that you get in crackers that you can't help but smirk at, even though they truly are terrible.

K is for... Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection. Quick plug for my first Blogmas post here. But seriously, that is one beautiful range of products.

L is for... My fuel throughout the festive season, eggnog lattes. Bloody hell, they are faaaantastic.

M is for... M&S party food. Boxing day begins the long process of eating nothing but leftover pigs in blankets and mini sausage rolls up until after New Year. Best get stocking up!

N is for... The worst Christmas film, Nativity. Seriously Martin Freeman, what are you doing?

O is for... Ornaments. It's time to relive your childhood as your mum insists on whacking out all the decorations you made back in the day. If only I was that creative now.

P is for... The Pogues. Best Christmas song. EVER. Don't even argue with me on that one.

Q is for... Queues. Queues everywhere. Top tip; do all your shopping online - Beat the lines!

R is for... Retail mayhem! Please pray for all us retail workers, Christmas will never be the same again.

S is for... The rare occurrence that is Snow. In the whole 21 years I've been alive, I can only recall one "white Christmas" when the whole of the UK paused and went into meltdown for two weeks. 

T is for... Fighting with tinsel. That stuff is never ending! God forbid the dog grabs hold of it, RIP Christmas tree.

U is for... Ugly jumpers. Get yourself to Primark or a charity shop - Can't go wrong with a £10 Christmas jumper that you'll wear once a year, right?

V is for... Vixen the reindeer. Simply because Reindeer are adorable and are quickly becoming one of my favourite animals. Along with moose.

W is for... Mulled wine. Lots and lots of mulled wine to keep you sane throughout the festivities.

X is for... Xmas dinner. Pigs in blankets, stuffing, roast potatoes, mmm. Need I go on?

Y is for... Yule log. Leading on from dinner, everyone has to have a bit of Yule log at Christmas.

Z is for... Zero degrees. I wish I could say that I thought of this one myself, but I didn't. I found it in the depths of Google somewhere but damn, UK winters are bloomin' freezing. 

Can we just give myself a round of applause for posting for four days in a row on my blog? Like, I'm so proud... That's almost a week! 

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  1. I bloody love this post! I think it's one of my favourite Christmas posts I've seen! The A-Z answers are all so perfect!

    Claudia /

  2. Love this! Your answers are all fantastic! I suuuck at present wrapping haha Every year I think I'll somehow get better at it but nope, I still suck.

    Renee | Life After Lux

  3. Such a good post, I struggle so much with A-Z posts so props to you for acutally finding words for each letter!

    Emily x |

  4. Love this post. Let me wrap your presents I love doing it so much! Also if you ever need a good Christmas jokes I have some real crackers (no shame!)

    Han xx

  5. Absolutely loved this post! I've recently come across your blog and I'm absolutely loving it!
    Take care x
    -Cait x

  6. What a fun post! I don´t think I can come up with a whole A-Z list on anything and yours made me chuckle a bit too!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  7. Great post! I very much agree with N, love these A-Z blog posts :) x
    Have a merry Christmas!

    Katy Alicia x

  8. Aw I love Nativity haha! It's so cute. Can't beat a good bad joke though... x


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