Monday, 23 January 2017

Getting the Spring Glow

It's been a while hasn't it my loves? Soz. Life has been hectic, my brain has been up and down and blogging has just been the last thing on my mind but I'm here now! More on the drama (that isn't really drama) in a future post as for now, I want to talk about something that makes me happy. Can you guess?

Yep, make up.

First of all, can we please stare in awe at this adorable Radley make up bag* I received? Like I'm a little obsessed with it, especially considering it has my initials engraved making it that extra bit special. So unless you also share the initials "K. O." (lol yes I know that also means knock out, I've heard it all before), then hands off

Whilst having a nosy through my fancy new make up bag (which FYI is like Hermione's never ending handbag), I noticed my make up staples at the moment seem to have a common theme. They make your skin pop. This post isn't going to go contain every detail of my routine as I want to save that for another day (potentially a YouTube vid!), but I wanted to share a few of my faves that will be perfect for the fresh, Spring looks everyone will be craving in the next couple of months.

The Base

Now, I'm no beauty guru but I do love a dewy base. Matte is all well and good, unless you're like me and have suffered with the driest skin this past Winter - I'm over it. The Seventeen Skin Wow Primer is an absolute must have to get your skin looking all luminous and glowing, especially if you use it the way I do.

Mixing your illuminating primer in with any foundation is guaranteed to leave your skin looking and feeling healthy, which is why it's my go to method for the upcoming Spring! My current foundation of choice is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation as I find it's so lovely to blend and sinks right into my skin without clinging to those dreaded dry patches. We've all been there. 

Those two products combined just give me the ultimate base and honestly, I don't want to use anything else. Ever!

The Cheeks

Is it a Spring look without throwing highlighter all over your face? I think not, we'll get onto that in a sec.

I have a new found love for bronzers at the moment. Well... I've been obsessed with them since last Summer but still, I haven't had chance to gush about them yet. As I find the highlighting primer/foundation combo can wash me out (especially if I'm having a particularly pale day), it's nothing a bitta' bronzer can't fix.

Of course, I go ahead and contour with Benefit's holy grail Hoola bronzer before going in with a big ol' fluffy brush and dust a bronze toned shimmer brick all over the high points of my face. It makes me look (but unfortunately not feel) like I've just stepped off a plane from the Maldives. If only...

The 'Highlight on fleek' bit

The most exciting part of any look, for me anyway, is the glowiest of the glowing highlights. I'm all about that sharp contrast between the shimmer and the contour and ain't nobody gonna make me feel bad about it.

For this post, and my make up bag, I managed to narrow it down to two very recent additions to the sparkly fam. The Topshop Glow Pot and MAC Soft and Gentle, both cult faves in the beauty world but with alternate colour pay offs.

The glow pot is perfect for us pale gals (and guys) as it consists of a buildable iridescent sheen which I feel is so pretty, and looks bomb AF in selfies. Soft and Gentle on the other hand, not the deodorant, is more glittery than shimmery but still stunning all the same. I can see why they are both so hyped about and have totally hopped on board the bandwagons, I'm officially highlighter obsessed.

The Eyes and Lips

Last but not least in this little round up of Spring products is my one true love, my baby. It's the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. Yeah, yeah, I caved into the fruity goodness and can happily say that it's the best £39 I've ever spent.

I'll have a more in depth review up soon of course, hopefully including some looks to try but damn. The tones of this palette mixed with the Soar/Mehr combo from MAC on the lips is incredible. If you haven't paired peachy eyes with a nude lip before, girl you're missing out. Do it right now. 

Forget the pastels for Spring, it's all about the intense warm tones.

My final tip for my go to glowy make up is pairing a matte lip with a touch of gloss. The Dandelion gloss by Benefit is perfect for achieving the "hey, my lips look fuller without spending 40 minutes overlining them" look that everyone, myself included, aspires to have these days.

If you made it this far, you are the best, thank you. I appreciate you reading my make up rambles.

What are your go to products for achieving the fresh faced, dewy look that so many are after?

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*This post contains gifted items, all opinions are my own.


  1. MAC Mehr shade is perfect for this time of the year, I love a nice pink nude shade after all the madness of red lips after the festive season!x


  2. I love love love the seventeen highlighter, its SO GOOD! I really want to try the topshop one though!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I love using bronzer that has a bit more glow to it during the Spring/Summer time just to add that bit more of a glowy base! The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation has been a product on my wish list for ages as I've heard only good things about it! I think Mac Soft & Gentle will just forever be one of my all time favourite highlighters ever, nothing seems to beat it in my opinion xx

  4. That make-up bag is so gorgeous! Mixing MAC Soar and Mehr is my current go-to lip colour! They go so well together and I find it such an easy shade to wear! Thanks for sharing xx

    Ciara Rose | | Bloglovin’

  5. These pictures are DREAMY 😍 So glad you're back blogging, I've missed your posts!

  6. I really want the Sweet Peach palette (so bad!), also MAC's soft and gentle looks amazing! Wonderful products! xo

    McKenzie |

  7. Kat, these photos have me heart eyeing so much!!! Like photo envy rn! x

    Darling Jordan x

  8. I've been wanting to try the MUFE Ultra HD Foundation for ever and I keep failing to get shade matched every time I get to Sephora!

    xo, Kimberly

  9. I am obsessed with your makeup bag (I need a personalised one .. although my initials would be SS and I'd feel like someone in Slytherin (lol). Yes to getting yourself on YT.. I need a filming buddy. I also need to get my mitts on the glow.. everyone raves about them SO MUCH.


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