Monday, 20 February 2017

24 Things They Don't Tell You About Puppies

"Aw, you got a puppy? All I got in my room is shampoo!"

After this, I guarantee you'd rather have the shampoo for keeps anyday.

Adorable, isn't he? With eyes that break your heart and a chunky little butt that makes him do the cutest waddle, what's not to love? 

Before we got Loki, I thought the same. Maybe I'm being a little hasty as he honestly is my best friend but y'know. Owning a puppy isn't a breeze. I've had two dogs previously, two guinea pigs, two rabbits and some fish; I'm basically Dr Doolittle. The fact that I'm literally raising a smol bean of an animal didn't quite sink in until I found myself chasing this bundle of mischief round the house as he paraded around with my make up brushes in his toothless mouth. Bad Loki.

  1. They poop. A lot. And they're potent.
  2. They grow quickly so hide everything.
  3. Slippers and shoes are the ultimate chew toys.
  4.  You can forget sleep for the first week.
  5. Their puppy fat makes them 10x cuter. Chunky but funky. 
  6. Puppies are incredibly clumsy.
  7. And they like to explore.
  8. Everywhere.
  9. Everyone will want to meet the puppy.
  10. Until said puppy takes a liking to their hands and chews to heck.
  11. Climbing is their speciality.
  12. As is jumping, crying, weeing and snuggling. But the snuggling isn't a bad thing, duh.
  13. Forget having make up lying about, they will eat it.
  14. Puppies think they own everything in the house. They do not.
  15. They will more than likely try to jump in the bath with you, be prepared.
  16. Drinking tea is a favourite past time.
  17. A puppy's day goes something like this; Eat, poop, play, sleep, poop, play, eat, sleep.
  18. Insurance and vet bills are bloody pricey.
  19. The stamina of a pup is like me running upstairs. Short.
  20. They will follow you everywhere.
  21. It is adorable.
  22. Puppies come in handy as a mini hot water bottle.
  23. But they're the one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.
  24. And a best friend for life.
Whaddya think? Fancy a puppy now? All jokes aside, before buying a pet there are so many factors to take into consideration which a lot of people don't even realise. Research is everything!

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  1. This takes me back Ha! When I had Belle she was exactly the same! Except she wasn't as floofy as Loki! It's adorable! As for the pooping be thankful you have a boy - Belle took FOREVER to house train. Apparently girls are harder, but it's all worth it in the end! X

  2. We've got a six-month old labrador and I can totally relate to all of these! Especially number 14, he thinks he owns everything in the house and wants everything you have. And yeah, we're still not getting much sleep! x

  3. I so love watching Loki on snapchat, but there is zero chance of me getting a dog anytime soon :( such a huge commitment!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. What a gorgeous pup! My dog is 6 now, but he still acts like a puppy a lot of the time (hes a beagle). He is very spoiled because he just looks like a little puppy a lot of the time so we always give into him! Also is there anything cuter than little chubby pups?!

  5. I can relate to all of these and I've only had Milo for three days! But I did research the hell out of it beforehand so was well prepared for him! And without jinxing it, I'm actually getting sleep too!

    Robyn | Little Bob Loves

  6. love the shrek quote haha even though they shit everywhere and bite your toes they are the most precious things in this world

    Hannah at Hannah Venables / A CREATIVE LIFESTYLE BLOG

  7. I love having puppies around! Literally the happiest little things ever. Your snaps of Loki remind me of what my little Spaniel was like as a pup. Such a cutie pie but this is all soooo true xx

    Tamz |

  8. Okay despite everything i still want one, he's absolutely adorable i love seeing him on your snapchat! - Maria |

  9. Awwww haha! I was just chatting to you on twitter about the chewing! It does get easier I promise! lol I remember staying in nearly all summer training my pup it was such a hot summer aswell lol. Good luck with the training!

    Lots of love!
    Alicia xo

  10. My boyfriend really wants a puppy and I keep telling him that, while they're cute, they sure can be little devils and I'm not sure I want to take care of that right after college :) Loki is incredibly cute, though!
    Brooke | brookewrote

  11. He's SO CUTE though! I've never had a puppy but your snapchats make me laugh. He seems like a nightmare sometimes aha.

  12. He's so beautiful! My puppy is just coming up to one (tomorrow actually!) and it is a lot of damn work, people should seriously think before getting a puppy. But it is one of the best things you will ever do.

    I now make sure I only fill my baths three-quarters full as this is something Benny has not grown out of.



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