Friday, 3 March 2017

The Truth About Sponsored Posts & #Ads

If you take a look around social media, you'll notice an influx of similar blog posts or Instagrams now and again, more commonly known as ads.  #Ad, #Spon or an asterisk (*) all point to these sponsored posts, and I apologise in advance. The words sponsored and post are probably going to pop up a lot throughout this rant sharing of opinion.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've noticed a lot of animosity towards said sponsors until the other night when I was stuck in bed with a stomach bug literally questioning why this is. One thing I saw in particular was aimed at Instagram ads specifically and the increasing number of them recently.
I asked myself this, why should this bother you? Why would you object to someone being able to make money off a social media platform that they've taken time to build a following on? We're extremely lucky in this day and age that these opportunities are created for us to do so. Wouldn't you want to earn money for taking a pretty flatlay and it being recognised by a brand? I know I certainly would, which is why I do it. A gal's got bills to pay, food to buy and duh, we all love a bit of extra spending money.

Social media influencers are becoming the new age stars with most of their income coming from these sponsors. Sure, not everyone doing it is genuine and of course, some promote whatever comes their way to earn a quick buck here and there but why does that effect you? The only ones you should be mad at are the people who don't declare they're being paid. Celebrities, I'm looking at you.

Another thing I'll briefly touch on is that celebrities have been advertising products for a long time. All those detox teas and random mobile apps, I can guarantee they're all sponsored. As if Kylie Jenner is really going to be sitting in her million dollar pad sipping some foul tasting tea that makes you run to the toilet every hour. It's only over the last couple of years that it's been made a legal requirement to declare whether something is paid for according to ASA rulings. This is something which I'm sure everyone's familiar with but y'know, just thought I'd reiterate!

The blogging community for the most part are absolutely lovely, and it's an amazing thing to be a part of but like with everything, there's always the odd few trying to bring others down. Support each other, encourage your friends to work with brands and you yourself should accept these brilliant opportunities because you never know what else it could lead to. 

Seeing people working with big name brands should motivate you to work harder, not make bitchy comments about fellow bloggers. It's just not something I agree with, y'know? Jealousy and comparison is completely normal as I've said in the past but don't use someone else's growth to measure your self worth and let it get you down.

TL;DR: Depending on who you follow, ads are going to be popping up all over the shop. I have nothing to hide when it comes to declaring something as paid for content because I'd never advertise anything unless I was 100% comfortable and happy with it.

If working with brands isn't for you or an aim for you, then I apologise for what you've just read as it probably came across as a very self entitled rant. Lol oops. But for those of you who are into the whole money making side of blogging, I hope you could somewhat relate to this, even if I did go off tangent... As per usual.

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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again,women need to support each other!I love how many people are able to earn money from doing what they love,it helps a lot of people make a living.People should applaud those who actually declare #ad as a lot of bloggers/influencers aren't,keep them #ads coming Kat.It makes me happy to see someone who puts so much work into their content get something back from it Xx

  2. I totally agree. I actually really like seeing ads - I have found some great products and brands through them. Also, bloggers create amazing content and they deserve to be paid for it! Obviously there are some ads where I'm like, ok that isn't really genuine, but I think it's obvious when it isn't. Hopefully over the next few years people will be more informed about the way that ads work and all this bitchiness will be over!

    Lynnsay x

  3. Completely agree! It can get tiring when it seems the majority of content is sponsored, I still want to see people having fun with their content, but for the most part I'm happy (and slightly jealous) when I see my favourite bloggers working with brands. Most of the negativity on Twitter etc. probably does come from a place of envy, which I just think is really sad. Like you say, we should be supporting each other! Great post gal x

  4. "Seeing people working with big name brands should motivate you to work harder, not make bitchy comments about fellow bloggers." THIS.

  5. #Ad and #Spon posts are very hard to talk about because on one hand like you said why shouldn't somebody be able to make money from their social media and blogs etc but at the same time I think if somebody has built up a following big enough to have brands want to work with them they have a duty t their followers/fans to not be fake about it. They should only be publishing things they would do if it wasn't paid for, and it should be genuine. The same thing goes for if you get a free product and hate it, you should says o, not write a good review because you feel you have to. As an influencer its not longer just about them, but about the followers who look up to them and what they do.
    Emmi -

  6. Loved this post! You keep earning that dollar girly!

  7. Haha totally agree! I don't mind sponsored content at all, as long as its not the only thing being done! I feel concerned that some of my friends don't realise how much is given and is sponsored though.. I thought it was more obvious lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. Completely agree, I'm not sure why people take such offence over sponsored posts or ads. It just spurs me on to want to work harder! xx

  9. Totally get this! I couldn't care less if someone is getting paid to advertise something, as long as they aren't intentionally hiding that fact! I admit I'm guilty of forgetting to add #ad or something to tweets, but it angers me when you read a post and you just know it was sponsored but there's no mention. I'm all for earning money this way - wish I was doing more of it haha!

  10. As you know hon, I completely support your opinion on this!! Not only because I have been lucky enough to get amazing sponsored opportunities but also because I am genuinely happy for my fellow blogger babes (who are BOSSES!) working hard on their content, photography, growth and what-not. They deserve to be paid for their hard work. I personally don't mind it when I see the word #ad. I actually appreciate it when it's openly displayed. It doesn't make me to like this person less. If it is a legit product they are promoting, I am going to be doing the celebratory dance with them. Whoop whoop!
    P.S. You're a cutie <3
    xox Nadia

  11. This is so so true, why wouldn't you support people making good out of their blog?! I find that as long as they are truthful and don't lie just cause it's paid, so what! Though I think Takumi have exiled me from ever getting another campaign before my 90th birthday! xx

    Tamz |


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