Wednesday, 26 April 2017



A word that is thrown around a lot. But what does it actually mean?

Insomnia: habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep.

Sums it up pretty well I'd say. As I was rudely awoken one night, thanks to my brain, I decided to write down the racing thoughts my mind was having to provide some A+ content. 


I wrote this in late December of 2016 with the aim to look back on it in a few months time, hello April, and eventually post it. It's always fun to look back on ramblings, isn't it? Especially those that were written between 3 and 6am.


2.59am: Hello insomnia, my old foe.

3:00am: Here we are. Not sleeping. Yet again.

3:02am: Do we have any crumpets left? Do I risk leaving my duvet burrito in the hunt for carby goodness?

3:03am: Yes.

3:07am: Yum, crumpets. Carbs are your friend. I repeat, carbs are your friend.

3:08am: I forgot about dashing back to bed in the dead of night, what if a ghost catches me? I did not think this through. 

3:09am: Why wasn't I cast in The Great Escape?

3:12am: My brain is so kind to me. Allowing me to overthink every social interaction I've had today, I'm officially a walking embarrassment.

3:13am: I'm never leaving the house again.

3:24am: Guess who's back, back again? (Me)

3:24am: I wonder how many episodes of the Kardashians I can binge before sunrise.

3:24am: Who needs sleep, RIGHT? Hahahaha. These not cute eye bags do, that's who.

3:24am: What about a spot of online shopping?

3:26am: *After some endless scrolling* No. No online shopping Kat for god's sake, you've just dropped £100 in a week.

3:27am: Payday, why so far away?

4:45am: Everyone has such pretty blogs... And then there's me. Why is comparison a thing? That's it, I'm deleting my blog goodbye social media.

4:50am: Sleep is evidently not on the cards tonight. Stupid mind, I thought we'd gotten past this already. TWO YEARS AGO.

4:51am: The thoughts of a carvery are speaking to me. Those crumpets were not enough.

4:51am: Crispy roasties drenched in gravy, come to ya gurl. BRB whilst my tummy rumbles enough to make it onto the richter scale.

5:26am: Me again, hi. Y'know, this would make a smashin' blog post. Copyrighted™.

5:43am: The birds are tweeting, they've had a better night's sleep than I have.

5:43am: Which was AKA non existent.

6:01am: Will I even remember this in the morning?

6:02am: Kat. It is the morning. Get a grip hun.

6:02am: But, I guess we'll find out tomorrow evening. Now... What header will look good with this post?

6:02am: Are we feelin' a fancy flat lay or nah? Nah.

6:15am: Enough with the rambles, I need some shut eye before I babble into oblivion.


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  1. 'Duvet burrito' is so perfectly accurate, that's most of the reason why I'm not a morning person- I don't want to leave the comfort of my bed...

    Your thoughts were so entertaining to read as well, loved this! That's pretty much how my brain works as well, glad I'm not the only one!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. Ha mine is more like "ooh, remember that really embarrassing thing you did when you were 16? Lets think about that for a while! No? Okay fine, lets pick something else embarrassing!!" :D xx
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  3. Haha! Great post. Can totally relate. Although i can never convince myself to leave the comforts of my bed. You've made me crave crumpets now!! Honestly laughed out loud to your ghost comment. This is me every time I do get up in the night. There's always that fear someone's gunna catch me going up the stairs I'm surprised I don't fall flat on my face in the panick!
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes

  4. I can totally relate to the ghost comment! Forever running back to my room after nipping to the loo in the night, you never know who's at the bottom of your own stairs right haha.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  5. I actually am dead to the world most evenings (touch wood) but my partner regularly lays in bed eyes wide open for the majority of the night! I'd love to hear his thoughts like this!

  6. I love it, I wouldn't even think of turning my ramblings into a post but well done! I've been struggling with sleep lately so I feel your pain, don't you just over-analyse everything late at night?

    Sam xo | Alright Sunshine


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