Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Brand Focus | Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte were a brand that only came on my radar this year, mainly because it was a bitch to get hold of in the UK, and also because I was a poor little bean. Fast forward 7 months, and here I am with a whole host of goodies because I mean... It was about time I stepped into the world of high end make up.

Thank you QVC, you absolute angels, for finally stocking Tarte. You've made me (and many others) very happy humans and we'll be forever grateful.

My thought process was to do a video to go alongside this post, testing out all the products in a one brand look but lol, here I am sat in my pyjamas with a week's worth of unwashed hair on my head anxiously wondering what's for lunch. The reality of a blogger I'm afraid.

Let's start with the base... Shall we?

I managed to get my mitts on possibly the two most hyped about base products in the entire beauty world, the Rainforest of the Sea foundation and the beloved Shape Tape concealer

They. Are. Worth. Every. Moment. Of. Hype.

Being a gal who's dubious when it comes to massively overhyped products, I gotta admit I was skeptical, I wasn't expecting great things. It's like when you go to Maccies to fulfill those nugget cravings, and you bite into them and you realise they really weren't all that great. Disappointing, right?

Well, after that pointless but effortless ramble about chicken nuggets, I can safely say that these products are not disappointing in the slightest. Actually, they're quite the opposite - May I even say phenomenal? Or is that pushing it?

My one criticism about the foundation is that it's described as full coverage, but I didn't find that at all. Buildable? Sure, but not straight out the bottle full coverage. Besides that slight blip, it's everything I could ever want in a foundation. Hydrating, lightweight and long lasting? Check. 

I lasted through a full 10 hour shift (on a warm day) wearing this and there was no signs of the foundation wearing away or becoming greasy. It is literally insane.

As for Shape Tape, that enters a whole league of it's own. The coverage is just something else, I swear it can hide anything. It's perfect for highlighting the under eyes, due to the size of the thick, doe foot applicator and leaves you looking surprisingly airbrushed. Another plus? It isn't cakey at all meaning it's great as a base for your eyelids too. It's pretty much a 5 in 1 product, y'know. It can do everything, resolve all your life problems for you, that sorta thing.

This leads me onto the lipstick that I received as part of the Tarte Bombshell Basics bundle that QVC put together for a limited time. It included the shade 'Sangria' which is just a bloody love and very versatile colour for anyone and everyone.

But, plot twist, the lipstick is double ended! One end has the extremely moisturising, ordinary lipstick and the other is an incredibly pigmented gloss. A non sticky gloss, may I add. Perfect for a night out and travel. Despite the 7 other lipsticks you have in your bag, this is the one you need. Trust me.

Moving onto the eyes...

Gotta admit, I didn't purchase the Bombshell Basics bundle for this palette, it just didn't leap out at me. Nevertheless, it is a luuush palette with one of the most blinding highlighters I now own. 

It's a fairly neutral palette, as are most of Tarte's products, but either way it's stunning. I feel the navy blue shade, Prowl, adds such a cool contrast to the overall colour scheme and would be amazing either under the eye for a bit of colour, or on the lid to create a smoky look.

As with all Tarte shadows, they blend like a dream, have a super soft formula and have incredible colour payoff. What more could you want?

I thought I'd move onto a highly underrated Tarte product next, Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. HOLY CRAP. This stuff is amazing?! Why isn't it talked about more?

The definition this lil wand gives is incredible, like seriously, best high end mascara I'm yet to try. Unlike other mascaras, cough Benefit They're Real, it isn't a bitch to remove which makes life a whole lot easier if you ask me!

I would highly recommend giving this a go if you ever get the chance, it's absolutely my new holy grail.

The final item in the QVC bundle is the lovely 'Sex Kitten' eyeliner. Bit of an odd name but hey, we won't get into that - You do you, Tarte. 

I mean just look at the point on it, I'm so over blunt and messy kohl eyeliners - Is there anything worse? The nib has enough precision to have you creating those sassy wings, and the formula is soft enough for you to smoke out on the waterline, alas transforming my smol pea eyes into the ultimate bad ass. 

Is this a product I would repurchase on its own? No, but I sure am glad I got the chance to try it as it's shot straight to the top of my eyeliner hierarchy.

And there we have it for my very first brand focus post. Pls tell me you enjoyed it, pls tell me you want me to do more. Thanks. No but for real, I'm so glad I finally have some Tarte in my life. I feel we go together like Ben & Jerry, a match made in heaven you know. 

And for those wondering, I'll be back in a few posts time to give you a full review of the 'Tartelette In Bloom' palette, I promise. I just didn't want to overload you with palettes this time round.

Peace out, fellow Tarte huns.



  1. I haven't tried any Tarte products but I really want to, their products look great!

    Emily xo

  2. I need a new mascara aswell,going to treat myself soon.
    Can we just take a moment though to appreciate your photos,GIRLLL your photos are SLAYING!


  3. Great review, i have never tried Tarte products before

  4. Ah I love brand focus posts, would definitely love to see more! I've just tried my first Tarte products and I'm so impressed, I can't wait to pick up more. I think the concealer and mascara will be top of my list!

    The Makeup Directory

  5. I've never tried Tarte before but I really want to pick up some of their blushes, especially! xxx

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Really really really want to try Tarte after reading this!

    Karishma xx


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